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Portfolio Restructuring

As stated in recent posts, I believe we are entering a period of high uncertainty and volatility, not just in the UK stock market but also the EU, US and currency markets. Frankly, I am not smart enough and neither do I have sufficient time to trade this volatility successfully. Therefore, I have decided to […]

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Portfolio Update – First Quarter to 4 July 2016

Tuesday marks the end of the first quarter of my 2016/17 portfolios (I prefer to work in tax years rather than calendar years) and the results so far make some stark reading: ISA01 – Down 6.42% (excluding dividends) Focused Income – Down 15.44% (excluding dividends) Compound Growth – Down 22.94% (excluding dividends) Special Situations – […]

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Post Brexit: The Flight to Quality, Safety and Hedges

Since my last post, the Brexit vote has come and gone and despite high levels of volatility, financial Armageddon seems to have been avoided – for now at least. As I write, the FTSE 100 is comfortably over 6500 and above pre-Brexit levels. So what was all the fuss about? The headline FTSE 100 figure […]

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Share Watch: Iofina (IOF)

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the Iofina (IOF) AGM this week as I had planned to do. Fortunately, there have been a number of useful write-ups on the ADVFN-Iofina bulletin board from those who were able to attend. Most significantly, on the morning of the AGM, IOF were able to confirm they have reached […]

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Brexit, Averaging Down and Stop Losses

It has felt like a strange year in UK markets so far, not least thanks to the distraction and uncertainty of the upcoming Brexit vote. Jeremy Warner’s article in The Telegraph Business sums up what the vote will come down to; the economy or migration. While many people might want to leave the EU in […]

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Update and Review – IOF, CLIG, SRT, PHP, PEG, NXR

There has been quite a lot of activity this week among my portfolio holdings. Iofina (IOF.L) The story of the week in my portfolio is Iofina (IOF) where a regular quarterly update reiterating the same numbers as three months before has led to a near trebling of the share price from a week ago – […]

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Portfolio Commentary Part Three – Special Situations

Over the past week I have published various portfolios; Focused Income, Compound Growth and Special Situations which combined, make up my overall equity portfolio. I have also launched an ISA portfolio to reflect and track how I invested this years’ allowance. The main reasons for dividing my overall holdings into different strategies were outlined in […]

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Iofina – Guilty as charged

Reading the financial bulletin boards this week, I was reminded of an important investing ‘rule’. That is, with a growth stock, buying the right company too early can often be almost as bad as selecting the wrong company. In the case of Iofina (IOF.L) I believe I have been guilty of breaking this ‘rule’. Regular […]

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