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Stick or Twist?

Two months ago, I had 32 holdings including 11.57% in cash and I was considering my next move (you can read the full article for a recap of my thinking). There was the safer option of reducing volatility by adding large/midcap income shares or going for growth on the basis that this bull market has […]

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Iofina on the rise

I suggested in my article on 6th September that Iofina was due a re-rating between then and the year end. The share price remained in a tight trading range at around 150p right up to the results announcement on 25th September before breaking out of that range in style. At close of trading on results’ day […]

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Is Iofina ready for a re-rating?

Iofina (IOF) have announced to the market that their interim results will be released on 25th September. More interestingly, in the same announcement they also advised that there will be a presentation to private investors on the same day. This is excellent news and I would also expect that while the board are in the […]

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Summer Update

While our heat wave in the UK is taking a welcome breather, summer sporting distractions such as the Ashes are in between live action and the day job has given me a short pause for breath, I thought I would take the opportunity to write an update of my 2013 Growth Portfolio and other matters […]

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Is Iofina Vulnerable?

Last week was a funny old week for Iofina shareholders. It began with news that L&G had been reducing their stake below the notifiable holdings level (it would seem the new fund manager has been selling off several holdings), anticipation grew on Tuesday that the AGM would shrug this off with good newsflow and then […]

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Iofina announces solid results and stunning near term prospects

The one thing I have loved about being invested in Iofina (IOF) is how the company have a predictable business model and yet, always seem to manage a surprise or two on the upside. Today’s 2012 full year results announcement continued that excellent habit. The £1.1m loss and EBITDA positive was marginally ahead of market […]

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Iofina CEO takes leave of absence

We are a fickle lot us investors. Iofina announced this week (Monday) that CEO Lance Baller would be taking an immediate leave of absence for health reasons. The shares traded some 30% lower by the close on Monday with a further fall so far today. But dig a little deeper and we find that this […]

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A Ten Bagger with more to come

It is often regarded as a benchmark for growth investors to multiple one’s original investment by a factor of ten – the so called ‘ten bagger’. My initial investment in Iofina passed that mark this week and I believe there is still much more growth to come from this outstanding investment opportunity. The problem with […]

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