Diary of a Private Investor


Portfolio Restructuring

As stated in recent posts, I believe we are entering a period of high uncertainty and volatility, not just in the UK stock market but also the EU, US and currency markets. Frankly, I am not smart enough and neither do I have sufficient time to trade this volatility successfully. Therefore, I have decided to […]

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Update and Review – IOF, CLIG, SRT, PHP, PEG, NXR

There has been quite a lot of activity this week among my portfolio holdings. Iofina (IOF.L) The story of the week in my portfolio is Iofina (IOF) where a regular quarterly update reiterating the same numbers as three months before has led to a near trebling of the share price from a week ago – […]

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Portfolio Commentary Part One – Focused Income Strategy

Over the past week I have published various portfolios; Focused Income, Compound Growth and Special Situations which combined, make up my overall equity portfolio. I have also launched an ISA portfolio to reflect and track how I invested this years’ allowance. The main reasons for dividing my overall holdings into different strategies were outlined in […]

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Share Idea – City of London Investment Group

City of London Investment Group (CLIG.L) has been on my radar for a while now and is a primary candidate for the new Growth & Income Portfolio which will be launched next month. As part of the process I have a watching brief on the shortlisted candidates and noticed that yesterday CLIG fell by 7% […]

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Mid-Year Review

I have been somewhat neglectful of posting new content to this site over the past few months, mainly due to the pressures of my day job and a period of extensive travel. In truth, I have only been following the UK markets at arms’ length for most of this year and that is why I […]

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