Diary of a Private Investor

Current Holdings

In the interests of transparency I list on this page the shares that I currently hold a long position in. I never short individual shares and I never use leverage (although I do occasionally invest in ETFs that use leverage). The relevant investment strategy, risk ratings, StockRank style and weightings are also listed.

Last Updated 4 January 2018:

EQUITY HOLDINGS EPIC Weighting Strategy Sector Risk Rating Stock Style
Alliance Pharma APH 2.53% Growth Healthcare Adventurous Super Stock
Anglo Asian Mining AAZ 7.25% Growth Basic Materials Highly Speculative Super Stock
Apax Global Alpha APAX 0.85% Income Financials Balanced Contrarian
Bankers Investment Trust BNKR 1.44% Growth Financials Conservative Fund
Bioventix BVXP 4.81% Growth Healthcare Adventurous High Flyer
Blackrock Commodities Income BRCI 1.98% Income Financials Adventurous Fund
Central Asia Metals CAML 1.70% Income Basic Materials Adventurous High Flyer
Crossrider CROS 0.65% Growth Consumer Cyclicals Speculative Neutral
Direct Line DLG 1.23% Income Financials Conservative Super Stock
Diversified Gas & Oil DGOC 3.76% Income Energy Speculative Neutral
Flowtech Fluid Power FLO 1.19% Growth Industrials Adventurous Super Stock
Games Workshop GAW 4.02% Growth Consumer Cyclicals Adventurous High Flyer
Griffin Mining GFM 2.77% Growth Basic Materials Speculative Super Stock
Henderson Diversified Income HDIV 1.70% Income Financials Conservative Fund
Henderson Far East Income HFEL 3.69% Income Financials Conservative Fund
Henderson High Income HHI 1.68% Income Financials Conservative Fund
IG Group IGG 2.04% Income Financials Adventurous Super Stock
Impax Asset Management IPX 1.88% Growth Financials Balanced High Flyer
IQE IQE 15.29% Growth Technology Speculative Neutral
John Laing Infrastructure Fund JLIF 1.25% Income Financials Conservative Neutral
Legal & General LGEN 1.88% Income Financials Balanced Turnaround
Lloyds Bank LLOY 1.25% Income Financials Balanced Turnaround
Manx Telecom MANX 1.08% Income Telecoms Conservative Neutral
MedicX Fund MXF 1.27% Income Financials Conservative Contrarian
Paypoint PAY 1.21% Income Industrials Balanced Contrarian
Real Estate Credit Investment RECI 0.83% Income Financials Conservative Neutral
SafeCharge International SCH 2.40% Growth Industrials Balanced High Flyer
Sanderson Group SND 1.17% Growth Technology Adventurous Super Stock
Somero SOM 2.00% Growth Industrials Adventurous Super Stock
Spectra Systems SPSY 2.13% Growth Industrials Speculative Super Stock
Stobart STOB 1.22% Income Industrials Balanced Turnaround
Tate & Lyle TATE 1.48% Growth Consumer Defensives Balanced Super Stock
Templeton Emerging Markets TEM 1.66% Growth Financials Conservative Fund
Proshares VIX Futures UVXY 0.73% Hedge Index Highly Speculative ETF
Victrex VCT 1.16% Growth Basic Materials Balanced High Flyer
Vodafone VOD 1.27% Income Telecoms Conservative Turnaround
Watkins Jones WJG 2.27% Growth Financials Adventurous Neutral
XL Media XLM 1.25% Growth Consumer Cyclicals Speculative High Flyer
XP Power XPP 1.17% Growth Industrials Balanced High Flyer
Zytronic ZYT 1.31% Growth Industrials Adventurous Neutral
Fundsmith Global Equity 8.01% Benchmark Financials Conservative Fund
Cash 1.52%
TOTAL 40 100.00%
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