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Locked and Loaded

From an investment perspective, I am glad that 2016 is now done and dusted. My overall performance of +29.46% masks a very uncomfortable year in which I learnt many important lessons. In short, I got out of jail with a couple of big winners but I need to add more certainty and predictability. 2017 is […]

Six of the Best Takeover Targets in 2017

I am concluding this seasonal “Six of the Best” series with a little fun. Which UK listed companies might be acquired during 2017? I would never invest in a company solely because it might be a takeover target and ordinarily, I don’t pay too much attention to this aspect. However, post Brexit, with the pound […]

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From over 40% cash to fully invested – at last!

Regular readers will recall that I have been 40% + in cash since shortly before the Brexit vote and subsequently stated that I would remain so until after the US election – this is very unusual for me because I am usually fully invested most of the time. As chance would have it, I was […]

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What price quality?

I find myself in a dilemma and to some extent it is something I generally try to avoid – market timing. However, I have a significant lump of cash sitting on the sidelines and I would like to use this to double-up on some of my high conviction holdings, among them my “six of the […]

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Performance Update – Post Brexit Bounce and a Wet September

Readers will recall that at the beginning of July I restructured my portfolio following the Brexit vote and moved towards quality, safety and hedges while also retaining positions in a handful of special situations. One quarter on and how has this strategy paid off so far? Portfolio Performance Across the portfolio there was a generally […]

Prospecting for Gold

I have written before on these pages about the unusual behaviour of the UK stock market this year and the uncertainty in global equity markets. Perhaps more worryingly is the bubble that seems to be forming in global bond markets. This article from HL yesterday provides a good overview of the yield landscape and why […]

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When will Article 50 be triggered?

Now that the conservative leadership contest has been narrowed down to two candidates, the question of when the UK government will trigger Article 50 to begin the process of leaving the EU has become polarised. Andrea Leadsom has said that, if elected, she expects to trigger the process straight away whereas Theresa May has suggested […]

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Post Brexit: The Flight to Quality, Safety and Hedges

Since my last post, the Brexit vote has come and gone and despite high levels of volatility, financial Armageddon seems to have been avoided – for now at least. As I write, the FTSE 100 is comfortably over 6500 and above pre-Brexit levels. So what was all the fuss about? The headline FTSE 100 figure […]

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