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Making Hay While The Sun Shines – Q1 2017 Portfolio Review

The Headlines – Overall, my portfolio is up by 11.51% since the start of 2017 (including reinvested dividends) – I currently have 32 holdings of which 22 are profitable positions and 10 are running at a loss, year-to-date (excluding dividends) – A total of 116 trades during the quarter. However, this is a little misleading […]

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Bull Market or Bubble?

Since the start of the year I have been pondering this question, are we in a sustainable bull market phase or are we seeing a market bubble that is about to burst? Several investors I follow on Twitter have been talking of moving funds into cash or shorting US shares and indices. Paul Scott, via […]

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Locked and Loaded

From an investment perspective, I am glad that 2016 is now done and dusted. My overall performance of +29.46% masks a very uncomfortable year in which I learnt many important lessons. In short, I got out of jail with a couple of big winners but I need to add more certainty and predictability. 2017 is […]

Six of the Best Investment Lessons from 2016

Seeing as I have a bit of spare time over the holiday period, I decided I would write a mini-series of “Six of the Best” articles, starting with my most valuable investment lessons of the past 12 months. Overview I began the year building a broader portfolio around 3 core investment strategies; (compound) growth, (focused) […]

From over 40% cash to fully invested – at last!

Regular readers will recall that I have been 40% + in cash since shortly before the Brexit vote and subsequently stated that I would remain so until after the US election – this is very unusual for me because I am usually fully invested most of the time. As chance would have it, I was […]

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Performance Update – Post Brexit Bounce and a Wet September

Readers will recall that at the beginning of July I restructured my portfolio following the Brexit vote and moved towards quality, safety and hedges while also retaining positions in a handful of special situations. One quarter on and how has this strategy paid off so far? Portfolio Performance Across the portfolio there was a generally […]

I love a stock with a good story but…

There was a great article on Stockopedia this week by CEO Ed Croft asking, Can you beat the market reading stock market bulletin boards? This triggered an excellent debate with several commentators warning of being wrong footed by “story stocks” that generate frequent, high volume bulletin board discussion. I’m certainly not alone in the past […]

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Portfolio Update – First Quarter to 4 July 2016

Tuesday marks the end of the first quarter of my 2016/17 portfolios (I prefer to work in tax years rather than calendar years) and the results so far make some stark reading: ISA01 – Down 6.42% (excluding dividends) Focused Income – Down 15.44% (excluding dividends) Compound Growth – Down 22.94% (excluding dividends) Special Situations – […]

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