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We are halfway there…

…let’s hope we’re not living on a prayer! Despite a poor June, I am pleased to report a first half portfolio gain of 24.54% versus a FTSE All Share (my benchmark index) gain of 3.33% which makes for a nice graph: From what I can make out, it seems that many other private investors have […]

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Two keepers and the one that got away

Happy Friday everyone! Without wishing to tempt fate while there are still a few hours trading to go before markets close but this week looks set to deliver my largest portfolio gain of the year so far. Sometimes market exuberance can be a wonderful thing so long as one is able to find a chair […]

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Risk, Style and Special Situations

Regular readers will be aware that over the past couple of years, the focus of this site has moved away from individual stock commentary, towards a greater emphasis on portfolio management. In short, I am trying to build and manage a resilient portfolio that provides adequate risk management while delivering an annual absolute return in […]

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Q2 Rebalancing Update

In my last article I highlighted some rebalancing I had planned for my portfolio, including dividend reinvestment. This brief article provides an update on those changes along with commentary: Bioventix (BVXP) – top sliced. This remains my largest holding but I felt it prudent to top slice in order to lock in some of the […]

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Making Hay While The Sun Shines – Q1 2017 Portfolio Review

The Headlines – Overall, my portfolio is up by 11.51% since the start of 2017 (including reinvested dividends) – I currently have 32 holdings of which 22 are profitable positions and 10 are running at a loss, year-to-date (excluding dividends) – A total of 116 trades during the quarter. However, this is a little misleading […]

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Bull Market or Bubble?

Since the start of the year I have been pondering this question, are we in a sustainable bull market phase or are we seeing a market bubble that is about to burst? Several investors I follow on Twitter have been talking of moving funds into cash or shorting US shares and indices. Paul Scott, via […]

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Locked and Loaded

From an investment perspective, I am glad that 2016 is now done and dusted. My overall performance of +29.46% masks a very uncomfortable year in which I learnt many important lessons. In short, I got out of jail with a couple of big winners but I need to add more certainty and predictability. 2017 is […]

Six of the Best Investment Lessons from 2016

Seeing as I have a bit of spare time over the holiday period, I decided I would write a mini-series of “Six of the Best” articles, starting with my most valuable investment lessons of the past 12 months. Overview I began the year building a broader portfolio around 3 core investment strategies; (compound) growth, (focused) […]

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