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Making Hay While The Sun Shines – Q1 2017 Portfolio Review

The Headlines – Overall, my portfolio is up by 11.51% since the start of 2017 (including reinvested dividends) – I currently have 32 holdings of which 22 are profitable positions and 10 are running at a loss, year-to-date (excluding dividends) – A total of 116 trades during the quarter. However, this is a little misleading […]

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Six of the Best Investment Lessons from 2016

Seeing as I have a bit of spare time over the holiday period, I decided I would write a mini-series of “Six of the Best” articles, starting with my most valuable investment lessons of the past 12 months. Overview I began the year building a broader portfolio around 3 core investment strategies; (compound) growth, (focused) […]

From over 40% cash to fully invested – at last!

Regular readers will recall that I have been 40% + in cash since shortly before the Brexit vote and subsequently stated that I would remain so until after the US election – this is very unusual for me because I am usually fully invested most of the time. As chance would have it, I was […]

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Three strikes in my portfolio and a great offer from Research Tree

Those 7am RNS announcements can be nerve racking until you have seen whether one of your holdings is announcing good or bad news. This morning I thought I had hit the jackpot when three of my holdings announced excellent news: Bioventix (BVXP) announced final results today for the year ended 30th June 2016 – highlights: […]

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Petards – an overlooked turnaround situation?

There has not been much about Petards (PEG) to love in the past few years and its reputation as an underperforming business going nowhere fast kept the shares on a lowly rating. As a microcap, it then gets overlooked by most investors and even when it does appear on stock screens it can often be […]

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Performance Update – Post Brexit Bounce and a Wet September

Readers will recall that at the beginning of July I restructured my portfolio following the Brexit vote and moved towards quality, safety and hedges while also retaining positions in a handful of special situations. One quarter on and how has this strategy paid off so far? Portfolio Performance Across the portfolio there was a generally […]

GVC – a premium share

The news flow from GVC just get better and better, with management duly delivering on previous guidance and even for this optimist, exceeding my expectations. There have been two announcements this week; the first confirming the shares had achieved premium status as predicted but the second delivered even better news for shareholders: Debt Refinancing – […]

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Portfolio Restructuring

As stated in recent posts, I believe we are entering a period of high uncertainty and volatility, not just in the UK stock market but also the EU, US and currency markets. Frankly, I am not smart enough and neither do I have sufficient time to trade this volatility successfully. Therefore, I have decided to […]

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