Diary of a Private Investor


Welcome to Share Knowledge where I diarise my ongoing attempts to ‘beat the stock market’. It is a never ending challenge of course because investing in shares is not a one way bet. My aim is to balance risk and reward to push the odds of success in my favour.

I do not provide tips and this is not a tipping site.

I like to research the stock market and this site provides a forum for me to share that research along with my investment ideas and opinions. When writing about specific companies I will always declare if I have a position in the company concerned but just because I might have invested in a company (or decided to sell or avoid), that does not mean that you should copy me:

– My financial situation and yours are likely to be different
– My appetite for risk and reward might be different from yours
– You should always research your own investments
– Each of us must always take responsibility for our own investment decisions
– My research and/or my judgement might be wrong

I have been an active private investor since the mid-1990s and my sweet spot is to invest in smallcap growth companies that are already profitable and preferably paying a dividend. Typically, I will reinvest dividends for the compounding effect and to this end, I  am sometimes attracted to shares where the dividend is the primary reason for buying and holding. I generally try to avoid “jam tomorrow” “story stocks” although I do make the odd exception.

I hope you enjoy my continuing quest to beat the market and find some value in my research, ideas and opinions.


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